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Work Process

Work Process

Our Streamlined Bespoke Service for Domestic and International Customers.

There are innumerable ways to tailor your uniform to fit your specific needs. Maybe you'd like a specific button or cording on a specific location. Perhaps you would prefer 3-quarter length sleeves or a convenient breast pocket. Don't forget – we are making your order just for you. Go ahead, create exactly the uniform you want to wear.

The process that we have set up and been following for years has helped us to provide you with the “A BETTER UNIFORM EXPERIENCE”


You can provide us with a brief description of your uniform needs, although sometimes, we find you don't have a brief, other than the instruction to make your team look fabulous! Don’t worry, we have over 4 decades of experience in assessing various industry requirements and we will use this to produce a uniform that best suit your needs

Measurements, As part of our bespoke service we will personally come to your premises and measure your employees for their new uniforms to ensure an excellent final fit.


We will provide you with the samples that we have developed based on your initial requirements and that meets the vision of your future

A vital stage in the development process is a user trial - there's no better way to test the garments' performance and suitability. Styles can then be tailored in line with feedback, before production begins.

The end result? A uniform that not only looks great but is practical durable and great value.


Only when you are completely satisfied with the prototype does production commence, with garments being manufactured in the quantity you ordered for, and Bringing the highly anticipated Uniforms to reality

At this stage, your relationship with Kapalie has literally just begun. Kapalie will be on hand to deliver your new uniforms across multiple sites keeping in mind your deadlines that suit you, help with any queries you might have and to ensure the highest level of service through the tenure of your contract.


Successful businesses thrive on change. We understand the competitive nature of your sector; you may need to hire more employees at periodic times. We will be there to support you with the uniform needs for your new staff. Give us a call and know that your problem will be solved

SHIPPING:Global logistics plays an important role in servicing our Clients on a worldwide level. Our ability to manage your order from design to manufacturing and shipping to your door step anywhere in the world.

We are partnered with Leading shippers FEDEX, UPS. and other Major Shippers

To learn more or to arrange a consultation, please call our Business Development Team on +91-9886894936  Contact Us

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